Will you go through?

Somewhere there is a door.

A door to a magical land. A land of secrets and treasure. Of exploration
and adventure. Where children can become heroes and stand against
monsters and magic.

And once you enter, the only thing you have to fear is that... you might never go home again!

Creating Characters

Find Your Friends

Get to know your Friends - normal children between the ages of 7 and 12 who grow stronger and older through your adventures.

Are you a mischevious Liar, a feisty Brat, or a booksmart Know-it-all?

Choose your friend type from 8 unique bases for your special moves and strengths.

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Building Adventures

Collaborative Storytelling

Our adventures in Yeld are a story that we create and tell together.

Each session of Yeld has a Game Master (GM) guiding players through a story. Once the session ends the role of GM will pass to a new player, making sure that every player gets a turn to try their hand at steering the story for their Friends!
Tell the new GM what you'd like to see in each session to make a game all together!

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Exploring Yeld

Travel & Time

Time and distance are important in Yeld. As we travel we’ll create a map that will show us where we’ve been and help us keep track of every town, cave and castle we discover. Traveling takes time, so we’ll mark off each day on our Calendar.

Yeld is full of special Holidays like the Blue Wind Kite Flying Festival and Black Opera Tournament, and if we arrive in the right town in time for these Holidays we can participate in special events to gain unique or rare rewards!

We may have arrived in Yeld as children, but each day we get older, and if we turn 18 while we’re still in Yeld we’ll become a monster!

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