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The Magical Land of Yeld: 2nd Edition

The Magical Land of Yeld: 2nd Edition

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The new edition of our popular TTRPG! Yeld: 2nd Edition features a cleaner and easier to learn rule set, more options for players and game masters and lots of new art, comics and lore!

Somewhere there is a door to a magical land. A land of secrets and treasure. Of exploration and adventure. Where children can become heroes, discover their inner strength and stand against monsters and magic. And once you enter, the only thing you have to fear is that you can never go home!

The 400 page full color Yeld: 2nd Edition features:

  • A complete self-contained role playing game, including special instructional comics that help you learn how to play!
  • Build and customize a child hero, starting by choising a Friend Types, and selecting from Jobs, Special dice and Spells and items as you play. Your character develops, changes and improves with every adventure!
  • Explore the magical land of Yeld with unique map, calendar and travel mechanics! As your kids travel and explore they'll grow older and stronger, but they'll have to find a way to escape Yeld before their 13th birthdays, or they'll become monsters and be trapped in the magical land forever!
  • Fights come to life with team-based tactics inspired by classic JRPGs and adventure games like Secret of Mana, The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy Tactics! You'll need to rely on strategy, teamwork and creativity to beat Yeld's monsters!
  • Use the Monster Formula to create custom monsters, or choose from dozens of ready to play Monsters!
  • A full campaign! Face the Vampire Prince Dragul and his Hunters of Yeld to unlock the magical door that will lead home before you turn 13!
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