Hail and well met, Patrons! 

Rina here to bring you the INCREDIBLE update that we're funded! 


That means that we can start dropping more than hints and tidbits about what our stretch goals are going to be and of COURSE we wanted you all to be the first to know. So here's our first drop-

                                           Monster Parade

Better than the Monster Mash is our new KS goal- Monster Parade!
For every $500 we fund we'll create a brand new Monster with a unique item that can be won from it.
These monsters will be compiled and released as a PDF for all backers to enjoy.


We've listed the rest of our projected stretch goals on the Kickstarter page (and in our newsletter) so if you want to hop over to the KS page and see what else is in store then check it out!

Talk soon! 

Rina Amaranthine
Marketing Mage✨

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