Let me tell you about Yeld: 2nd Edition!

Let me tell you about Yeld: 2nd Edition!

Nick and I are so excited to tell you about The Magical Land of Yeld 2nd Edition!

I think when a company announces a new edition of a game they usually start by telling you how new and different it is, and how it's going to change everything about the way you play.

Not us. We actually like our game!

Nick and I worked very hard to make the original version of the Yeld RPG, and we think it's great. But after almost 5 years of watching your games, listening to your feedback and ideas and, of course, playing hundreds of Yeld games ourselves we’ve decided it's time for a new edition! Our goal with Yeld 2 is really simple. We’re taking the game we all love and refining it, improving it and adding more cool options. At the same time, we’re trying to make the rulebook easier to read and simpler to use!

If you ask us what the biggest changes in Yeld 2 are, the answer is “dozens of small quality of life improvements.” You’re going to find that you can jump right into the new rules and appreciate the small changes that really make the game sing. Don’t worry about having to teach your kids and friends a new system or relearn the game from scratch. Everything great about Yeld is staying, and the changes are intuitive and easy to understand.

Of course, there are some bigger changes too!

  • New Advanced Jobs and Monster Jobs. 8 of each!
  • All current Advanced Jobs and Monster Jobs have been revised, with new options!

  • A simplified Monster Formula that is both easier to use and creates more varied and interesting Monsters. Also, reworked Monster Titles and Monster Special dice!

  • We’ve revised the Hunters of Yeld and their Adventures.

  • We’ve reworked purchasing, sharing and trading items. We know how much you hated not being able to share and trade stuff, so now you can!

  • We’ve revised and improved Special dice. Roll is so good now!

  • Lots of small changes that we’ve introduced In Mermaid Hunters, various expansions and Patreon content have been incorporated into the rulebook. For example, all the changes from Magical Index have found their way into the new book.

  • So much new lore!

  • New layout. We’re taking the time to “de-cramp” the book and give the text and art some more space to breathe. One of the results is that we have room to give each Advanced and Monster Job a full 2 page spread, complete with portraits!

  • Mentors become part of the core rules! We’re introducing 3 new Mentors to guide you through your adventures.

  • Includes rules for wheel chairs and other mobility devices that were first presented in our Magical Mobility expansion.

  • Revised rules for Ghosts. Ghost fights finally work as intended!

  • Effects like Fire, Water and Darkness (and more) have been codified as Hazards, and can be applied to the battlefield to make fights more difficult, used as Challenges or inflicted as the result of attacks or spells.

  • Revisions to some Weapons to make them more useful. Torches are so great now!

  • More Fish!

And a lot more! This is just a quick overview! We have so many cool things to show you!

One of the biggest changes in the new book is the huge amount of new lore. Nick and I had decided to not include a lot of lore in the original Yeld rulebook. Instead we hinted at a larger mysterious word through Jobs, Holidays and item descriptions.  We wanted players to take our ideas and make Yeld their own place. We still want that, but we’ve also heard you asking us for more and more lore. Over the last 5 years we’ve developed the setting and introduced more and more ideas, so we’ve decided to delve into the lore in more depth in this new book. You’ll learn more about the people of Yeld, more about Yeld’s history and more about mysterious places like the Arsenal of Winter, the Shadow Lands and Loh Tabeth. You’ll even learn WHAT Yeld actually is (hint: it's not a planet)!

One more important thing. Over the last few years we’ve released over a dozen Yeld expansions. We know a lot of you have bought some or all of these, and you’re probably wondering if you’ll need to rebuy them for Yeld 2. Don’t worry, you won’t. We’ve been developing Yeld 2 for the last two years, and wrote most of these expansions with the new edition in mind. We’ve been careful not to invalidate these books. We want you to keep using them! Your investment in Yeld is important to us, and we want you to know we value it.

We launch the Kickstarter for Yeld: 2nd Edition in early January 2024. You can find the pre-launch page here. We plan to send the book to our printer in March, and we’re scheduled to have books back and ready to ship in Summer 2024. That's a quick turnaround, but we’ve been planning for this for 2 years! We want you playing Yeld 2 this coming Summer!

We’ll be posting more about Yeld 2 on our newly updated site as well as Patreon and Discord. Come ask us questions about the new edition!

We want to thank you all for being part of our adventures in Yeld over the last few years. We hope you’re excited to go back through the door with us and start a new quest!

- Jake

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