What's in a name? (Yeld 2nd Edition character naming contest!)

What's in a name? (Yeld 2nd Edition character naming contest!)

Hello Friends, 

Marketing Mage Rina here and I've got a (kinda) surprise! 

We’ve hit 200 pre-launch sign ups which means it’s time to open up our Snake Mentor naming contest! 

Our 2nd Edition has a cover with a huge array of characters that we’ve met before (and one new one!) and we figured the best way to decide who would get to name our new Snake Mentor would be to find Yeld’s biggest fans.

We’ve been showing off our promotional cover for a little bit now and besides our Snake Mentor everyone has been seen before, either in the 1E core rulebook (psstt that’s free right now), in the Modest Medusa comics, or in one of our expansions.

So if you head over to our Google Form, take a good look at our images and see if you can name all 25 of our pre-existing characters then you get the chance to name our Snake Mentor front and center of the cover.

Thank you all so much for your support we’re so excited to bring you this bigger and better book!

Once more for good luck- https://bit.ly/Snake-Mentor

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