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Black Mage Job Guide

Black Mage Job Guide

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Black Mage Job Guide

Indulge in the darkness and dig into Yeld’s most sinister and destructive Heroic Job, the Black Mage! In this guide you’ll find clues to the mysterious lost history of magic in Yeld and learn about the rise and fall of the Black Mages, the Royal University for Magical Study and the wide variety of magic users that call Yeld home!

In the Black Mage Job Guide you’ll find:

  • A collection of new spells to expand the Black Mage’s twisted and dangerous arsenal
  • New Special dice that let you flirt with darkness and play with Yeld’s most corrupting forces
  • A history of Black Magic in Yeld, including an introduction to the Royal University for mystical studies and a comprehensive list of magic users across the Magical Land. 
  • The fan favorite Heroic Mentor, Misty Naoko make her first appearance to help teach you that not every Black Mage needs to be bad.
  • 5 exotic Treasures tailor made for Black Mages and a powerful Mastery Quest Item that you won’t want to miss
  • 3 unique Job Builds to help you explore just how diverse a Black mage can be.
  • Art, lore and even more!

The Black Mage Job Guide is an excellent expansion for any player looking to master this Heroic Job!

Magazine size / full color / 28 pages

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