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Oathbreaker Job Guide

Oathbreaker Job Guide

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Oathbreaker Job Guide

Born in desperation and rebellion, the Oathbreakers of Yeld are either noble freedom fighters or dangerous criminals, depending on who you ask! Learn the history of the last Princess of Yeld and her fight to save her kingdom, and unlock devastating new powers that will push your limits to the breaking point and beyond!

In the Oathbreaker Job Guide you’ll find:

  • A deep dive into the history of the Kingdom, the Princess of Yeld, and the Oathbreaker Rebellion!
  • Over a dozen new Special dice that bring the Oathbreaker’s tactical excellence to the forefront with offensive, defensive, and support options!
  • Break your limit with a new Job that can turn your worst rolls into landslide victories!
  • Spend rare Relic Shards to reforge some of the Magical Land of Yeld’s most powerful Treasures, once used by the Kingdom’s greatest heroes!
  • Meet the Pistol Princes of Pirate Bay, a new Mentor who is ready to teach your Oathbreaker how to fight fire with firepower!
  • Multiple revisions to the Oathbreaker’s original Job Ability and Special dice, breathing new life into a fan favorite Job!
  • 3 unique Oathbreaker Job builds and advice on how to utilize each!
  • Lots of new art!

The Oathbreaker Job Guide is an excellent expansion for any player looking to master this Heroic Job!

magazine size / full color / 30 pages

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