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Rank 1 Adventure Set

Rank 1 Adventure Set

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The Rank 1 Adventure Set is our biggest expansion yet for The Magical Land of Yeld RPG! This expansion is designed to guide new players through their first Rank 1 adventures, and get them ready to face their first Hunter of Yeld. You can use this book as a direct follow-up to our Mermaid Hunters Starter Set, or as the start for your own unique Yeld campaign!

The Rank 1 Adventure Set will introduce the Friends to the legendary Job Trainer Jocasta Cibo, who will send the young Heroes on a quest into the Plains Region to meet the mysterious Door Watcher and rescue a kidnapped Hydra child. Along the way the Friends will face Tunnel Mummies, Spelling Bees, Toothfacers, Ghost Sharks and the notorious Big Bad Bug Cartel.

Inside this 48 page expansion you'll find:

- 5 Rank 1 Adventures, complete with detailed Challenges, Monsters, Boss Fights and GM advice!

- Game Master advice for creating adventure, adjusting fight difficulty, choosing challenges and building awesome Monsters!

- Player advice for choosing your first Heroic Job and spending your Reward dice, including recommendations for must-have Special dice for each Job!

- A selection of Rare Rank 1 Weapons and Armor to win, buy or discover!

- Meet Bas, a band new Heroic Mascot to add to your party! The more Reward dice you invest in Bas, the more useful she'll become!

magazine size / full color / 48 pages / Digital PDF

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