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Shepherd Job Guide

Shepherd Job Guide

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Shepherd Job Guide

Gather your flock, ready you bow, and walk the old roads as Yeld’s oldest and most beloved Heroic Job, Shepherd! Sing the songs passed down through generations of Shepherds, and guide your friends and flock through peaceful towns and perilous frontiers alike. It's time to lead Yeld out of the darkness and into the future!

In the Shepherd Job Guide you’ll find: 

  • New art and lore detailing the Shepherd’s long history in Yeld
  • A large collection of new Special dice for both the Shepherd and their Flock! 
  • A new Job Ability that allows you to support your Friends and Flock through the power of song!
  • New equipment and options for your Flock, allowing them to specialize and take on unique and nuanced roles.
  • Legendary and exotic bows, clothes and staffs that will give your Shepherd the edge in any challenge!
  • A brand new Mentor who can guide your shepherd and teach them how to collect Quality Wool from their Flock!

The Shepherd Job Guide is an excellent expansion for any player looking to master this Heroic Job!

Magazine size / full color / 20 pages

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