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Soul Thief Job Guide

Soul Thief Job Guide

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Discover the secrets of Yeld’s most deadly and feared Heroic Job, the Soul Thief! Learn the tale of the very first Soul Thief and meet the mysterious Grand Archivist, who started it all. Uncover the secret of what happened to the ancient Soul Thief Order, and come face to face with the frightening fate that awaits all remaining Soul Thieves: Death by the Hunter of Yeld, Banneth!

In the Soul Thief Job Guide you’ll find:

  • New Job Abilities that let you explore the mysterious Soul Archives and flirt with godhood.
  • Tons of new Special dice expanding on the Soul Thieves’ already considerable combat prowess and legendary skullduggery.
  • A collection of incredible treasures designed specifically for Soul thieves, and must be stolen in order to acquire.
  • 3 unique Soul Thief Job builds, each expressing a different aspect of the infamous Heroic Job.
  • A new Mentor who is eager to share the secrets and unexplainable power of Soul Thief tattoos, along with the Celestial ink that creates them.
  • Lots of new lore and art.

The Soul Thief Job Guide is an excellent expansion for any player looking to master this Heroic Job!

magazine size / full color / 30 pages

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