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War Hare Ranch Expansion

War Hare Ranch Expansion

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War Hares are the traditional mounts of Yeld's heroes, champions of the Rabbit and Hare tribes and the chosen companions of the Old Kings. Discover Yeld's very last War Hare Ranch and learn the secrets of this unusual animal tribe and the family of ranchers that has protected them for over 1000 years!

This 24 page expansion includes new rules for mounted collecting War hares and mounted combat! In War Hare Ranch you’ll find:

The history of War Hares and the Toledello family of ranchers.Hunt, incubate and hatch War Hare Eggs! Find Ultra Shiny Eggs!Collect 39 new War Hare mounts!Full rules for mounted combat.Power up your Monsters with a new Monster Title and 2 new Monster Special dice, plus 13 new Monster Mounts! A whole bunch of new art!

magazine sized / 24 pages/ full color

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