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Witch Hunter Job Guide

Witch Hunter Job Guide

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Witch Hunter Job Guide

Light your fire and dawn your mask, it's time to hunt with Yeld’s most clever and cunning Heroic Job, the Witch Hunter! Learn about the crusades against the ancient and terrifying weapons of mass destruction that were Yeld's Witches, and the equally destructive wars against the rogue Black Mages. Magic is a necessity of life in Yeld, but it is a power that always corrupts. The Witch Hunter stand ready to face that power, even if they fear they can never be its equal.

In the Witch Hunter Job Guide you’ll Find:

  • An indepth look into Yeld’s long and sordid history with Witch Hunters.
  • A collection of new masks, expanding the Witch Hunter’s magic-fighting potential.
  • New Special dice perfecting the Witch Hunter’s mastery of fire and fear.
  • A brand new Job Ability that allows the Witch Hunter to call upon the crucibles of old to fight the abuse of magic and protect the people of Yeld.
  • A never before seen Weapon Type, Traps! Along with a collection of new Special dice designed to support them.
  • A dozen new legendary and exotic treasures that once belonged to the Witch Hunters of old, now passed down to the next generation. 
  • Two new Comic pages detailing the Witch Hunter’s newest mechanics.

The Witch Hunter Job Guide is an excellent expansion for any player looking to master this Heroic Job!

magazine size / full color / 36 pages

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