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Witch Job Guide

Witch Job Guide

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Witch Job Guide 

The Witch Job Guide includes everything you’ll need to explore the mysteries of Yeld's wildest and most rebellious Heroic Job. In this guide you’ll find the connections between the Witches of Yeld, the Serpent God and Prince Dragul, and see how young people from our world are changing the Magical Land forever!

In the Witch Job Guide you’ll find: 

  • An exploration into the history of Yeld’s youngest Heroic Job.
  • A look at each of Yeld’s most famous Witch Covens, as well as rules for creating your own.
  • New Special dice furthering the Witches strange, godlike powers, from reading runic bones to punishing monsters with deadly hexes. 
  • Expanded Magic Potion lists, allowing a Witch to brew different potions each season.
  • New Broom specific Special dice, each tied to a unique magical broom Witches can acquire.
  • A strange and cursed Mentor who will gift the Friends with their very own moving castle.
  • 3 exciting Job Builds to push your Witch to the next level.

The Witch Job Guide is an excellent expansion for any player looking to master this Heroic Job!

magazine size / full color / 26 pages

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